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Burn PFPs to earn Clicks, exchange them for Art.

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Purchase curated art from amazing artists using your Clicks.

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I Saw The Letter C In Black by Grant YunI Saw The Letter C In Black by Grant Yun
Create Art by Ryan Talbot
Feels So Good by DarkFarmsFeels So Good by DarkFarms
Oriental Pearl Tower by DriftOriental Pearl Tower by Drift

Why Clicks?

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of PFP's going to zero. The Clicks marketplace was developed to let people burn their PFP's in exchange for 1155 tokens called Clicks. Clicks tokens can only be used to purchase ClickCreate themed art. Think of it as an off ramp for PFP's that you no longer believe in and an on ramp to start collecting some great art by great artists.